Friday, May 13, 2011


Bad Joan has made a fun new discovery... ULINX!  It is a new type of jewelry that allows you to easily design your own pieces. ULINX had a launch event in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday and Bad Joan was there to check it out. Guests were able to design their own ULINX creations while munching on cupcakes from Sweet E’s Bakery and drinks from Svedka.  It was so much fun that we had to share!

‘ULINX’ refers to the idea of linking together the modular magnetic jewelry pieces in different combinations or designs. Which means that you have creative control and can design your own look! These pieces are made up of two distinct components - LINX and CLIX.

First you start with LINX which are silver-plated magnetic spheres that link everything together...

Then you add in the CLIX which are colorful jewelry pieces that are also magnetic so they can attach easily to the LINX or to each other...

These pieces are so fun to play around with!  You can make bracelets, rings, armbands, and necklaces in so many different combinations.  The prices are reasonable and when you're ready for new colors it is easy and inexpensive to add some new colors to your preexisting pieces!  Check out some different design ideas...

We don't sell ULINX at (yet!) so check out their site for more details on how to start designing your own unique, colorful and fabulous jewelry!

Happy designing!

GTBB (Good To Be Bad),
Bad Joan

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