Friday, May 6, 2011

Caught red handed

Bad Joan was caught skipping out on work and texting her friends.  She heated up the sidewalk in red jeans, a graphic tee (sleeves cut off) and doubled up cuff bracelets.  You can steal this look for criminally low prices right now on by putting together the following items:

Love Tee by Le Magnifique - Retail $64 / Bad Joan $25
Denielle Red Jean by Karmel and Alden - Retail $165 / Bad Joan $38
Cleopatra Necklace by Lisa K - Retail $350 / Bad Joan $65
White River Bracelet by Josefina de Alba - Retail $100 / Bad Joan $35
Night Light Bracelet by Josifna de Alba - Retail $168 / Bad Joan $55

1 comment:

Dale said...

The red jeans are so fun. I really like bright colors and I think those bracelets are SO cool