Monday, May 2, 2011

trend watch: BURNOUT SHIRTS

Whether you are working out or just hanging out burnout shirts are always a fun wardrobe choice!  Burnout tops are thin and lightweight with some sheer spots.  You can layer these over a tank, bathing suit or just over a bra.  They give the illusion of pattern and texture which is a great way to spice up a pair of jeans or ad some edge to a skirt!

Right now on we've got burnouts available in several different silhouettes from Jenny B at fantastic prices.  Check it out:

-Burnout Hoodie by Jenny B - Retail $56 / Bad Joan $24
-Burnout T-Shirt by Jenny B -  Retail $45 / Bad Joan $18
-3/4 Sleeve Top by Jenny B - Retail $55 / Bad Joan $24
-Cloud Wrap by Jenny B - Retail $65 / Bad Joan $19

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ooo these are adorable! great for layering and to battle the heat in the summer to come!

great post,