Thursday, May 5, 2011

red carpet: THE MET BALL

Celebs came out in full force for this year's Met Ball in New York.  The red carpet featured some amazing styles!  But since most of us Bad Joans don't have any balls to attend, here are a few ways to interpret some red carpet style into your everyday life!

Goddess Dress by Melissa Masse - Retail $295 / Bad Joan $42
Maxi Dress by Melissa Masse - Retail $295 / Bad Joan $42

Emma Stone looked gorgeous in a black and white floral print gown.  You can get a similar look with black tie dye print from Melissa Masse available in the Goddess dress and the Maxi dress.

Long Halter Dress by Lotta Stensson - Retail $289 / Bad Joan $109

Liv Tyler wore an ombre gown that goes from white to yellow at the bottom and she wore a matching yellow clutch.  You can replicate this concept with the Lotta Stensson Maxi Halter Dress and matching Tucker Paisley Wristlet!

Night Light Bracelet by Josefina de Alba - Retail $168 / Bad Joan $55

Ciara took a cuff bracelet to the next level!  She wore a piece that starts at her hand and goes almost the entire length of her forearm.  You can recreate a similar look by doubling up some of the Josefina de Alba beaded cuff bracelets!

Bar Refaeli framed her beautiful face with a pair of turquoise earrings.  This bright color really pops against the muted gold of her dress.  You can get a similar stand out look with these earrings from Rich in Friendship!


Closet Fashionista said...

I love Emma and Liv's looks :D Your similar pieces are great

Katherine said...

Lovely picks! I like the Melissa Masse dress the best :) Thanks for sharing - just followed you!

LiezyL said...

lovely post! following you now too!

H Rija said...

love the earring!
Neat post!

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A touch Of fashion said...

Great idea!! I'll follow you...follow me!!!


A Heel in Mint said...

Love Emma's gown. Love the turquoise earrings!

Heel in Mint

fydezflightoffancy said...

I love your take on their outfits. I would have never seen it that way. Your take on Ciara's bracelet and Liv's dress are my faves. XX