Wednesday, September 30, 2009

day to night: GRAPHIC TEES

A great t-shirt or rather several great t-shirts are a must in any wardrobe! But traditionally we think of wearing t-shirts during the day or for more casual occasions. We pair them with jeans or cargos (as seen on Katie Holmes below) or any casual bottom. But in this economy you need to make the most of your wardrobe! Check out what Gwyneth Paltrow (below) has done with her graphic tee. She has taken it from daytime casual to nighttime elegant by pairing it with a fabulous skirt, chunky necklace and half boots.  You can get a similar look at for less!

For a soft graphic tee with a great print choose from any of the Le Magnifique styles.  You can roll up or cut off the sleeves if you prefer Gwyneth's sleeveless look.  Here are just a few of the styles available right now...

Put the whole outfit together with the Tricky Threads Georgia-O Skirt and the Marcello Toshi Capucha half boot.  Accessorize with the Lisa K Cleopatra necklace and the Tucker Paisley Wide Reversible Belt and you are ready for a night out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

get that look: STREET STYLE

Leighton Meester looks effortlessly fabulous as she steps out on the streets of NYC while filming Gossip Girl!  She has put together an outfit of leggings, a long graphic t-shirt, a short jacket and a red half boot that adds a touch of color to the otherwise black and white look.  Simple but so sleek and stylish!

Get this same look at!  Combine the Rails Nia Jacket with the Le Magnifique Las Vegas Tee and finish it off with the Marcello Toshi Chacha shoe.  Throw on your favorite pair of leggings and you're all set to hit the street!

Monday, September 28, 2009

runway to real life: TEXTURE

Fall '09 is all about texture!  Designers are mixing different fabrics together to create a voluminous, 3-dimensional look.  But how do you interpret runway style into your real life?  There is no better way to add texture than with a great knit!  Purp7e has some interesting knits available on right now that are different but still very wearable.  Check out how you can take these textured looks from runway to real life:

The shredded/see through look is definitely continuing into fall.  Get this look with the Purp7e Shredded Turtlenck in Black or Taupe.

Three words: hood, scarf, fringe.  With the Purp7e's Hooded Scarf (in Taupe or Peacock) you get all three looks rolled into one!  Create extra texture by wearing this scarf (hood up) over a cowl or turtleneck and leave it long and loose instead of tying it around your neck.

Wide scarves, like the Purp7e Shredded Scarf in Eggplant or Taupe, are such a smart purchase because you get two looks for the price of one.  Wear it as a traditional scarf or throw it around your shoulders for a wrap/shawl look.  Create extra texture by wearing a wide scarf as a wrap around a jacket!

Friday, September 25, 2009

trend watch: SKINNY BELTS

Skinny belts are so flattering and can spice up any outfit!  They give the illusion of a smaller waistline and can be worn day or night, dressed up or down.  You could wear a skinny belt with just about anything, even a t-shirt!  Tucker Paisley has an adorable patent leather skinny belt offered in yellow, navy, or purple (all seen above). 

Check out these celebs wearing skinny belts for some great outfit ideas:
Anna Paquin holds on to her man with one hand and holds her outfit together with a skinny belt!  Anna looks so feminine in this short sleeve dress and delicate belt.  For a similar look try the Nu Collective Rouched Front DressGinnifer Goodwin is ready for a night out in this sexy 3/4 sleeve dress pulled together with a great skinny belt.  For a similiar silhouette try the ecoSkin Copper Dress. Last but certainly not least, Victoria Beckham displays how versatile skinny belts can be by putting hers over her cardigan which completes her outfit perfectly.  For a great thin cardigan (good for belting) try the Purp7e 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

this just in: PURP7E

New Purp7e arrivals today!  Comfy, cozy and some edgy pieces just in time for fall.  In this new group of arrivals there are lots of scarves including a hooded scarf which is perfect for those extra cold days.  Lots of cardigans: shawl collar, long, shrugs, short sleeve.  And even some edgier pieces that are shredded!

JOAN'S PICK OF THE WEEK: Shredded Turtleneck
One word: Obsessed!  In the front it looks like your average comfy turtleneck sweater but turn around and the back is shredded out.  It's such a sexy and unexpected surprise.  Looks great over a tank or over just your bare back!  This piece comes in black or taupe.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

trend watch: HOT PINK

Hot pink is just one of many trends in a line of throw backs to the 80's... and we love it!  Pinks and reds are generally a good choice for us ladies because the light reflected off these rich bright colors will give your face a rosey glow! 

There are a variety of hot pink shades available right now on, everything from jewelry to dresses!

For jewelry check out the Lisa K. Ombre Earrings (seen above) and the Ombre Necklace (not photographed)

For a variety of dresses and tops in several hot pink shades check out Lizzie Parker's page on (Open Cowl Dress seen above) 

Also seen above is the Super Chic Tee from Le Magnifique.  A fantastic t-shirt in a fantastic color is always a must have!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

get that look: CAPE AND FLARE

Natalie Portman looks amazing as she steps out in Toronto.  She has paired a flowing cape with wide flare leg jeans.  The width of the cape and the jeans balance each other out.  In addition, she has kept the colors solid, simple and elegant and added a touch of color in her scarf.  Get Natalie's look with the Lizzie Parker Hooded Cape in Grey and the Karmel & Alden Kate Jean.

To complete the look, Natalie added a long white shirt underneath her cape to break up the two dark pieces.  For a similar look try the Unstoppable Long Sleeve Jesus Shirt in White or the KJ True Love Thermal in White.  Both shirts are long enough to peek out under the cape.

get that look: PLUNGING NECKLINE

Blake Lively looks stunning as she works the red carpet in her red Versace gown.  The most outstanding part of this floor length dress is the dramatic, plunging neckline!  But what about us average Joans that still want to be sexy, only slightly less dramatic?  Farron Elizabeth has the solution.  Try the Indo Dress in Purple or Brown for a similar and still wearable silhouette.  This dress has the same full length and plunging neckline but just a bit more material and an extra piece of fabric at the collarbone that holds the top of dress together and keeps you from playing a game of peek-a-boo!

Blake has accessorized perfectly.  A necklace would have taken away from the gorgeous neckline, instead she has gone with a fantastic cuff bracelet.  Get a similar look with the Samanca Raji Bracelets which come in several different colors!

Monday, September 21, 2009

one stop shop: TIERED LOOK

This entire look came from and only cost $267.00 TOTAL which includes the shoes, belt and necklace!  Plus, this looks like a dress but it's actually a top and skirt so you can wear them separate or together, which means you get several looks for the price of one.  Here's how we did it...

The tank and skirt are both from Tricky Threads (and we have just reduced the prices even lower, see below).  To create the dress illusion you see in the picture above make sure you leave the tank out, do not tuck it into the skirt.  Once you put the belt on the bottom of the tank just looks like another tier!  These pieces are also great on their own.  The tank shows your figure without clinging and looks great with a pair of black skinny jeans.  Wear the skirt with a white tank tucked in and a pair of gladiator sandals and you are all set for a relaxing Sunday.

Accessories are crucial to making any outfit work!  The belt is the Tucker Paisley Wide Reversible Belt in Black.  A wide belt accentuates the waistline and is very flattering.  Bonus, this particular belt is reversible!  The solid black leather side is great for an edgier nighttime look and the paisley print canvas side is good for a softer daytime look.  The shoes are the Marcello Toshi Joya in Coral.  Since the outfit is black and grey we decided to punch it up with a little bit of color!  And for the finishing touch we softened things up with the Small Gold Flower Necklace by Lisa K.  Since the outfit is already sexy, we kept the jewelry feminine and delicate.  This necklace is a must have, you can truly wear it every day with every thing!


We have just reduced prices on all remaining Tricky Threads merchandise!  Prices as low as 90% OFF!  This line is so soft, comfortable and flattering, they are pieces to live in.  This is the last of the stock from the manufacturer.  So hurry up and get your size before it's gone!

Friday, September 18, 2009

get that look: MAXI DRESS

Maxi dresses are so flirty, feminine and flattering!  The empire waistline and long flowing skirt will do wonders for any figure.  Both Blake Lively and Joanna Garcia look amazing in their respective maxi dresses during the season premiere of Gossip Girl this past Monday night.  You can get this look with Jenny Han Triangle Top Maxi Dress in Aztec Print (seen here).

We know what you're thinking, summer has come to an end!  Not a problem.  Just throw on a great cardigan and a pair of close toed flats and you can bring this look into fall.  For this Jenny Han maxi dress (seen here) we suggest either the Lizzie Parker Shirt Cardigan in Black or the Purp7e Robe Cardigan in Peacock.  Both cardigans pick up colors in the print of the dress and darken the look to make it more appropriate for cooler weather.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

this just in: MAJENTY PERFUME

Check out our latest addition, Majenty Perfume!  These fragrances are all highly concentrated, alcohol free, hand-blended perfume oils. All of the formulas are produced under the strictest standards of quality and safety and do not contain ingredients tested on animals. Each roll on perfume bottle weighs a half of an ounce, comes with its own handmade linen pouch and is just the right size to fit in your clutch or make up bag. These scents are feminine, floral and so fragrant, just a little goes a long way!

Majenty is a celeb favorite; fans include Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Melanie Griffith (seen here smelling the Hidden Cove fragrance)

Keep in mind that perfume interacts differently with everyone's individual chemistry BUT this scent is truly fantastic!  It's a little bit stronger than the others, it's called After Hours because it is definitely more of a nighttime scent.  This blend is coconut based infused with jasmine and other floral scents but the mix of these has a slightly vanilla aroma.  It is a sweet smell with just a touch of savory to balance it out!

this just in: SAMANCA JEWELRY

New Samanca arrivals today on!  There are a ton of styles to choose from including:

One-Of-A-Kind samples EXCLUSIVELY at!

Great everyday necklaces...

...and beautiful key chains that make great gifts (get your holiday shopping done early)!

JOAN'S PICK OF THE WEEK:  Pema Stone Key Chain in Purple Agate
This is such a unique and cool key chain.  The agate stone is such a beautiful, rich shade of purple that looks amazing when it picks up the light.  The way the colors play off each other from deep purple to antique orange to seafoam green makes this piece particularly special.  This key chain would make a fantastic gift for a friend.. or for yourself!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

get that look: OPEN SHOULDERS

There were so many great looks at the MTV VMAs that we had to talk about one more!  Olivia Palermo from The City looked sophisticated and sexy in a black open shoulder dress.  The open shoulder look is great because it's provocative without over doing it.  Sexy is always best when it's subtle! 

Get this look with the Open Sleeve Top by Object of Desire.  This long sleeve top is a perfect way to stay warm this fall but still show a little bit of skin.  Plus, the loose bodice and banded bottom create a blousy look that is so flattering!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

red carpet: MTV VMAS

The VMAs always leave us with something to talk about!  Even though Kanye did make a bold statement on stage, we are more interested in the fashion statements made on the red carpet.  It is always fun to watch the glitterati show off their fabulous clothes and bodies as they make their way down the infamous red carpet, but it can be hard to intrpret these fantastic outfits into our real lives.  So for all those average Joans out there who aren't walking down a red carpet any time soon here is what to take away from it all...


Nude and natural shades were a definite trend on the red carpet this past weekend.  It is important to find the right tone of nude/natural to compliment your skin tone and not wash you out.  Pairing a nude/natural shade with black takes it from boring to powerful and dramatic.  This can be interpreted to fit into your everyday wardrobe in so many ways...

Purp7e has several nude/natural sweater offerings including the Dolman Top, Robe Cardigan, Tie Vest and Kimono Top.  To turn it up a notch by pairing any of these sweaters with some black pants, shoes or jewelry.

The Luxe Lady by TT Collection offered in Camel, Cream or White is a unique piece that makes a statement and can definitely be dressed up or down.

Last but not least, EVERYONE needs some great t-shirts in their wardrobe!  Luckily these Le Magnifique t-shirts already have a black accents on a natural background.  Try the St. Moritz, Amour or Las Vegas tees for one stop shopping!

And don't worry...  At Bad Joan our merchandise is so unique that we are 99.9% sure this won't happen to you!

Monday, September 14, 2009

trend watch: CHUNKY NECKLACE

Chunky neckalces are so fun to wear and lucky for us Joans they are so in style!  Make a statement with a bold, chunky necklace against a simple solid background.  Whitney Port masters this look, her basic grey dress is the perfect backdrop for an oustanding statement necklace.

Lisa K. Jewelry has several gorgeous chunky necklaces to choose from!  Try the Greece Necklace or the Double Heart Necklace in Gold/Pearl or Gold/Black (all seen here).  The Double Heart Necklace is actually reversible creating two different looks; the large heart pendant has etchings on one side and a hammered look on the other.  Other great chunky looks from Lisa K. include the Cleopatra Necklace and the Lollipop Necklace.

Friday, September 11, 2009

talking about joan: 944 MAGAZINE

944 Magazine just released their Fall Fashion issue and guess what they have named as the #1 Stylish Site?  Who else but Bad Joan!  Pick up your issue this month and read more about what 944 has to say about fashion.  After all they clearly have excellent taste!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

this just in: UNSTOPPABLE

Check out our latest addition, Unstoppable.  This line of casual sportswear is full of soft, comfortable pieces that feature colorful, and at times, controversial sayings. The Unstoppable signature is a barcode that appears in all shapes, sizes, colors and places! This line is a favorite of so many celebs that we aren't going to name them, just watch the video!

PLUS!  We have the Princess Hat which is a favorite of Paris Hilton.

JOAN'S PICK OF THE WEEK:  Long Sleeve Joker Shirt
This piece is soooo soft and comfortable you will literally live in it!  Wear it casual, to the gym, or you can doll it up a little with a cute necklace and tight pants.  Let's face it, skulls are here to stay! (at least for now)  And Joan loves the Unstoppable trademark barcode along the back.  Bottom line, this shirt is a must have! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

trend watch: RUFFLES

Ruffles are all the rage!  But be careful, you don't want to over do it or you'll end up looking like a clown.  Ruffles are best when they are simple.  Joan loves a subtle ruffle trim around an edge of a garment.

For example ruffles look great around the neck edge.  Emma Roberts gets it right with a feminine ruffle detail around the neckline of her shirt to spice up a simple pair of jeans and a blazer.  To get Emma's style try the Lizzie Parker Ruffle Blouse (seen here).

Another way we are seeing ruffles used is around the edge of a tube top.  Kate Beckinsale looks gorgeous in a simple tube dress that has one wide ruffle around the top edge.  Get a similar look with Jenny Han's Ruffle Tube Top (seen here). 

People often think of ruffles as just residing around the neck of a garment but they can look beautiful at the bottom edge of a skirt or dress, as seen here on Rumer Willis.  A knee-length dress with a simple, wide ruffle is very feminine and sexy.  To get this look try the Lizzie Parker Ruffle Dress (seen here) which has a subtle wide ruffle on the bottom edge as well as the neckline!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

get that look: VERTICAL PATTERN

Vertical lines are always flattering and slimming.  They draw the eye up and down which helps you look long and lean as opposed to horizontal lines which draw the eye across and can sometimes make you look wider than you really are. 

Cynthia Nixon looks amazing in her vertical pattern, vintage inspired dress while filming her role as Miranda in the up coming movie Sex And The City 2.  In addition to the vertical lines, another thing that helps Cynthia look extra long and lean is the silhouette of this dress.  It is flowy, it drapes well over her body, and it is cinched at the natural waist.  This helps accentuate the waistline and camouflage problem areas like the stomach and butt.  For the same easy silhouette and similar vertical prints try the Vanitas Sabrina Dress in Aqua Print and Lavender Print.

Cynthia has also accessorized perfectly!  When wearing a bold print it is important to compliment it with solid accessories so that the print can really stand out.  Joan suggests the Marcello Toshi Joya in Olive paired with the Tucker Paisley Molly Tote in Olive.  These pieces will match each other and compliment the colors in either Vanitas Dress very nicely.

Monday, September 7, 2009

trend watch: WIDE BELT

Oversize is a huge trend right now.  Big, loose sweaters and shirts can be so comfortable and easy to wear but sometimes you want to show off that girlish figure too!  The wide belt trend is a great way to balance out the oversized look.  Use a wide belt to cinch an oversize top or dress at the waist.  The belt should be at least 3 inches wide in order to balance out the oversize piece and to really enhance your waistline.

Try the Tucker Paisley Wide Reversible Belt in Brown, Black or Gunmetal.  On one side the belt is a solid color leather and on the other it showcases the Tucker Paisley signature print on canvas.  So you are actually getting two belts for the price of one!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

additional savings: 10% OFF THIS WEEKEND

The summer is coming to an end but Joan is still hot! This Labor Day weekend spend $100 or more on anything at and take an additional 10% off of your ENTIRE order!  (See details below to find out how to redeem the discount)

It's not too late to get a fantastic bathing suit and cover up!

Are you over summer already? We have fun fall arrivals too...


Friday, September 4, 2009

get that look: HALTER BATHING SUIT

Summer is coming to a close but, it's always hot somewhere and that means you'll need a bathing suit!  Annalynne McCord of 90210 fame shows off her amazing body at the Wet Republic Pool Party in Las Vegas.  She is sporting a halter neck one piece suit that is cut out down the front and open in the back and sides.  This style one piece is a comfortable and still super sexy alternative to a bikini.

To get this look try the Purp7e Agua Halter One Piece in Coral, Aqua, Brown, Black or White.  And, of course, always wear lots of sunscreen!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

this just in: LE MAGNIFIQUE

Just like the name implies this line is "magnificent!"  Le Magnifique is a french inspired line of the softest, thinnest t-shirts you will ever feel.  They have a very vintage look and feel to them and feature fabulous silk screens of women, french sayings, and abstract art.

Joan loves these shirts and she isn't the only.  This line has a HUGE celeb following including Christina, Rosario, Paris, Lindsay, and Ashlee.  Just to name a few!
We even have the Turbo Tee as seen on Paris Hilton! 
Who doesn't want to find amour?  Everyone wants to fall in love and this flirty tee celebrates that sense of romance.  Joan loves the graphic of the sultry woman against the repeated message of "amour" in hot pink, which is of course the color of love!  And the fact that the shirt is cream means that you can wear this shirt with anything, especially a great pair of jeans!