Tuesday, September 15, 2009

red carpet: MTV VMAS

The VMAs always leave us with something to talk about!  Even though Kanye did make a bold statement on stage, we are more interested in the fashion statements made on the red carpet.  It is always fun to watch the glitterati show off their fabulous clothes and bodies as they make their way down the infamous red carpet, but it can be hard to intrpret these fantastic outfits into our real lives.  So for all those average Joans out there who aren't walking down a red carpet any time soon here is what to take away from it all...


Nude and natural shades were a definite trend on the red carpet this past weekend.  It is important to find the right tone of nude/natural to compliment your skin tone and not wash you out.  Pairing a nude/natural shade with black takes it from boring to powerful and dramatic.  This can be interpreted to fit into your everyday wardrobe in so many ways...

Purp7e has several nude/natural sweater offerings including the Dolman Top, Robe Cardigan, Tie Vest and Kimono Top.  To turn it up a notch by pairing any of these sweaters with some black pants, shoes or jewelry.

The Luxe Lady by TT Collection offered in Camel, Cream or White is a unique piece that makes a statement and can definitely be dressed up or down.

Last but not least, EVERYONE needs some great t-shirts in their wardrobe!  Luckily these Le Magnifique t-shirts already have a black accents on a natural background.  Try the St. Moritz, Amour or Las Vegas tees for one stop shopping!

And don't worry...  At Bad Joan our merchandise is so unique that we are 99.9% sure this won't happen to you!

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