Wednesday, September 23, 2009

trend watch: HOT PINK

Hot pink is just one of many trends in a line of throw backs to the 80's... and we love it!  Pinks and reds are generally a good choice for us ladies because the light reflected off these rich bright colors will give your face a rosey glow! 

There are a variety of hot pink shades available right now on, everything from jewelry to dresses!

For jewelry check out the Lisa K. Ombre Earrings (seen above) and the Ombre Necklace (not photographed)

For a variety of dresses and tops in several hot pink shades check out Lizzie Parker's page on (Open Cowl Dress seen above) 

Also seen above is the Super Chic Tee from Le Magnifique.  A fantastic t-shirt in a fantastic color is always a must have!

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