Thursday, September 3, 2009

this just in: LE MAGNIFIQUE

Just like the name implies this line is "magnificent!"  Le Magnifique is a french inspired line of the softest, thinnest t-shirts you will ever feel.  They have a very vintage look and feel to them and feature fabulous silk screens of women, french sayings, and abstract art.

Joan loves these shirts and she isn't the only.  This line has a HUGE celeb following including Christina, Rosario, Paris, Lindsay, and Ashlee.  Just to name a few!
We even have the Turbo Tee as seen on Paris Hilton! 
Who doesn't want to find amour?  Everyone wants to fall in love and this flirty tee celebrates that sense of romance.  Joan loves the graphic of the sultry woman against the repeated message of "amour" in hot pink, which is of course the color of love!  And the fact that the shirt is cream means that you can wear this shirt with anything, especially a great pair of jeans!

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