Thursday, September 10, 2009

this just in: UNSTOPPABLE

Check out our latest addition, Unstoppable.  This line of casual sportswear is full of soft, comfortable pieces that feature colorful, and at times, controversial sayings. The Unstoppable signature is a barcode that appears in all shapes, sizes, colors and places! This line is a favorite of so many celebs that we aren't going to name them, just watch the video!

PLUS!  We have the Princess Hat which is a favorite of Paris Hilton.

JOAN'S PICK OF THE WEEK:  Long Sleeve Joker Shirt
This piece is soooo soft and comfortable you will literally live in it!  Wear it casual, to the gym, or you can doll it up a little with a cute necklace and tight pants.  Let's face it, skulls are here to stay! (at least for now)  And Joan loves the Unstoppable trademark barcode along the back.  Bottom line, this shirt is a must have! 

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