Thursday, November 18, 2010

inspiration: SIMPLE ELEGANCE

by Gina Holz

For my sister’s birthday this year we had lunch at Cecconi’s, an Italian restaurant in West Hollywood. Adjacent to the main dining area is a private room called the “Butterfly Room”. This space houses a large, piece of art from Damien Hirst’s “Butterfly” series, which is how the room got its name. This three dimensional, brightly colored piece lends drama to a room is adorned with very simple textures of white walls and wood moldings. Hanging in the center of the room is a pair of very sculptural, crystal chandeliers. While the fixture itself is extremely elegant, it is quite simple in its color and its pattern. The lightness of the glass adds texture to the space without competing with the bold piece of art in its background. The overall shape of this private dining area is simple and uncomplicated. However, it is the accessories that transform this space into a room of thoughtful intricacies and simple elegance.

You can also transform a simple outfit by adding or changing accessories.  Take the Beautiful People Circle T-Shirt and turn it into an evening look by adding the Rich in Friendship Chandelier Earrings.  The shirt is simple but elegant.  The earrings take it to the next level by adding light and texture to the look.  The bold shimmer of the earrings and the warm reflection of the orange shirt will cast a glow around your entire face!

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