Monday, November 8, 2010

inspiration: CLEAN LINES

by Gina Holz

I believe the look of a bathroom should be calm and elegant. The room should be a relaxed space without a lot of fussy details. Here are two recent bathrooms designed by my favorite architect, and brother, Michael Holz.

His signature use of clean lines is what captures my attention. The wood cabinetry warms up the space, while the contrasting white stone gives a light, airy feel. You will notice that there is no hardware on the cabinet doors or drawers. This is more modern approach to minimalism. Black and white is a popular palette to use as an expression of modernism. Using soft earth tones is another approach to achieve the same look and feel. Having a space with minimal details and clean lines allow you to have fun with the accessories. For a burst of color, add a simple vase with bright flowers to set on the counter top.

Clean lines are also a great foundation to any good outfit...

When showcasing clean lines in your wardrobe, you can't go wrong with black and white.  Try the Beautiful People Elbow Sleeve T-Shirt or the Basic V-Neck for two classic silhouettes. 

Or take basic one step further by using a warm and neutral color.  The Etoix Hooded Top available right now on in Yellow or Orange is a clean, classic and flattering shape in colors that pop.

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