Tuesday, November 9, 2010

get that look: TUNIC AND LEGGINGS

A simple tunic and leggings is a great foundation for an outfit that can go dressy or casual. 

Go a little dressed up like Demi Moore did by adding a tailored blazer and a gold necklace.  It is a simple but chic look that can easily go to a cocktail or holiday party. 

Put this look together right now on Badjoan.com with the Otis and Maclain Pleated Tunic over the Etoix Basic Leggings.  Finish the look off with the Rails Long Blazer and the Avery Japser Vintage Bow Necklace.  After the party you can take the same tunic and leggings throw on a pair of flats and a jean jacket and you're ready for a casual day.

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