Monday, March 29, 2010


Let's face it, shoulders are sexy!  But it's always sexier to give just a peek and leave them wanting more.  That's where a one-shoulder dress comes in; it leaves a little mystery!

One-shoulder dresses look great at any age!  Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Victoria Beckham to Lucy Liu to Sarah Jessica Parker is rocking the one-shoulder look.  From fitted to blousy, from short to mid-calf, there is an option for everyone. 

Get your one-shoulder look right now on with the Lizzie Parker Dolman Mixed Media Dress.  This dress is blousy and fitted at the same time; it has a loose, dolman-like upper body and a fitted skirt.  AND the skirt has a drawstring up the side giving you the option of adjustable length; you can pull it up and make it short short or pull it down and make it knee-length!  Plus this item is hot of the runway and made just for you!

Want to play even harder to get?  Try an off-the-shoulder look like Charlize Theron.  Showing just a tiny bit of shoulder and collarbone is another way to keep them wanting more.  Get an off-the-shoulder look right now on with the Amanda Silk Scarf Tunic by Candice Held.  This gorgeous, colorful and comfortable piece can be worn as a dress or top and can be tied a bunch of different ways according to your body and style.

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