Thursday, March 25, 2010

this just in: CANDICE HELD

Check out our latest addition to

This line is full of incredible, colorful printed silk and cotton dresses, tunics and skirts... AND they've arrived just in time for spring!

Candice Held is not only know for her fantastic silk prints but most of her dresses are fully adjustable! They have ties at the neck, mid back and lower back so you can adjust them to your size and style.

JOAN'S PICK OF THE WEEK: Amanda Silk Scarf Tunic
This piece is so versatile you just can't go wrong!  Plus it is truly One Size Fits All, the garment is very wide and you can tie it to fit your body!  It looks great as a dress with bare legs and heels or sandals.  It looks great layered over long sleeves and tights and boots.  It looks great tied in the front.  It looks great tied in the back.  It looks great loose.  Basically, this piece just always looks great!!  Available in Magenta and Coral/Gold.

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