Tuesday, March 9, 2010

get that look: EDGY FLORAL

Florals are in and they are everywhere.  A great way to step away from a traditional floral but still follow the trend is with a floral print that is set against a dark background. 

Jordana Brewster is such a natural beauty.  So it's no wonder that she looks perfect in a simple floral dress and open cardigan.  We love her slightly edgy, but still ultra feminine, dress that has a blue and white floral print against a black background.  Jordana has finished off the outfit by picking up the black background in her dress with a simple black cardigan.  You can get a very similar look right now on Badjoan.com by pairing the Doie Promenade Dress with the Purp7e Open Cardigan!

If you like the black background floral print idea but don't want to commit to a whole dress try the Robertson Top in the same print by Doie. 

To finish off either look go for the Jelli Clutch by Beth Springer.  This clutch picks up the blue in the floral print and is actually big enough to carry during the day!

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