Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A sweet/simple delicate necklace is something every woman needs!  They are perfect for everyday wear on their own or double up a couple delicate necklaces to give depth to an outfit.  Lauren Conrad shows us how both looks are done...

A delicate necklace with a small medallion is a great for an everyday piece.  Simple but with some detail.  Get this look right now on Badjoan.com with the Avery Jasper Comunion Necklace.  It features a vintage charm taken from a 1st comunion bracelet and a rose quartz drop both strung on a thin 14k gold fill chain. 


Two delicate necklaces can often be better than one!  You can create an interesting look by taking two simple pieces and putting them together.  Get this look by pairing the Single Fresh Water Pearl Necklace with the Heart Charm Necklace both by Avery Jasper.  Plus when you get sick of wearing them together you can still wear them separately!

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