Monday, March 22, 2010

get that look: SPECTATOR CHIC

Going to a sporting event is always fun but dressing for it can be a challenge!  You want to look your best but you also want to be comfortable so you can jump up and cheer for your team.  So what's the solution?  A flattering t-shirt and jeans with the proper accessories.


Bar Rafaeli takes in a game with her beau Leo and manages to look effortlessly comfortable and still sexy at the same.  She has paired a slightly fitted t-shirt with skinny jeans and finished the look off with a wrist of stacked bracelets.  The outfit is easy to move in but the jewelry gives her just a little something extra.  You can get a similar look right now on with the Shagg Flaggirl T paired with the Karmel & Alden Zelda skinny jean and finish it off with the Samanca Raji Bracelet (which is actually one bracelet made to look like several stacked together).

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