Tuesday, October 26, 2010

trend watch: ORANGE

Orange is the new "it" color.  Different shades can express so many different things.  It can be loud and bold or mellow and nuetral.  It looks great as a stand alone color or as an accent within a pattern. 

We've got lots of orange options right now on Badjoan.com at amazing prices!  For something basic that will go with everything stop by Beautiful People and pick up the Circle T-Shirt and/or the Muscle Tank.  Both are loose and easy fits!  Warm up with the Purp7e Extra Long Sweater that has orange stripes as an accent color.  Or go for the Candice Held Amanda Tunic which looks great as a mini dress, or as a tunic over leggings or jeans!

Want just a hint of orange?  Try a handbag!  We've got the Hadley Pollet Tickle Bag, the jMorrow Luella Bag and the Carla Mancini Shopper Tote all freaturing different shades of orange from bright to neutral.

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