Tuesday, October 19, 2010

inspiration: STREET ART

by Gina Holz

Walking down the streets of Brooklyn, NY on a crisp fall day I felt inspired by the street art.  This piece in particular really caught my eye; it's what I like to call a "statement piece."  I love the juxtaposition of the warm amber tones with hints of a cool soft blue.  It is whimsical and loud on its own but set amongst the everyday hustle and bustle of the streets of Brooklyn it seems to fit right in. If you were walking too fast you might even miss it!

The Sweet Evie Delphi Necklace is also a statement piece that is bold but the mix of colors gives it a neutral feeling.  This necklace could easily stand out or blend right into an outfit depending on what you surround it with.  I love it against a simple white t-shirt seen here but I could also see it dressed up with a black strapless gown or even mixed in against a print with similar colors.

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