Friday, October 22, 2010

inspiration: THE UNEXPECTED

by Gina Holz

On a recent trip to Las Vegas I was mesmerized by the sculpture outside of the Vdara hotel.  In the center of the valet area stood an enormous structure; "The Big Edge" created by artist Nancy Rubins.  It was designed to "evoke a blooming flower."  Upon closer examination I discovered the structure consisted of rowboats, canoes, surfboards, paddle boats and catamarans all wrapped together.  It created an explosion of color set amongst the concrete, glass buildings and the sky.  It made me appreciate the notion that an everyday item could be turned into something so unexpected.  In a space that is used often it is important the form follows function; however I do believe there should always be an element of surprise and this piece definitely achieved that!

The same element of surprise can be applied to items in your wardrobe.  A robe, for example, is such a basic everyday item that we often take it for granted.  I was so excited when the new Daddy's Favorite robes arrived at because this line takes basic robes and turns them into some fun, exciting and unexpected by using bold prints full of bright colors.  I say go ahead and surprise yourself by adding a little pop to your everyday wardrobe items!

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