Wednesday, October 27, 2010

inspiration: BASALTINA

by Gina Holz

During a recent kitchen remodel, my client and I hunted for the perfect flooring material for her high traffic kitchen. She wanted to transform her traditional kitchen into a contemporary space but still maintain a certain practicality. The floor had to be modern and elegant but durable enough to handle the everyday wear and tare of her large family. After months of shopping and research we found what we had been looking for; Basaltina...

Basaltina is a volcanic stone that has been used in architecture for years. The ancient Romans used Basaltina to build roads and monuments. This durable material is suitable for high traffic areas and may be applied to interior walls, floors and commercial walkways. The stone's natural gray color and white flecks give a simple elegance and a sleek texture to any space. In a room with great height and volume, the deep color grounds the space and brings your eye from the ceiling back down to the floor. While this classic stone has been used for centuries, it can provide a cool modern edge in a contemporary space.  What's old becomes new again!

The new burnout hoodies from Jenny B on remind me of Basaltina in two ways... 1) They have a "marbled" look and 2) burnout is a throwback to the acid wash look from the 80's thus giving a modern edge to an old concept.  However you look at it they are soft, comfortable and have a classic fit!

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