Tuesday, June 29, 2010

put it together: PINK

Some women aren't sure how to make pink work for them, it's almost as if they're afraid to try.  We think, when done right, pink is so flirty and fun and certainly nothing to fear!  All you need to do is add a little edge and you can turn pink into something fabulous and effortless.  Plus, rosey shades like pink or red reflect a warm glow on your skin and cheeks!

Check out this outfit that we put together from items currently available at Badjoan.com.  We have taken a couple different shades and textures of pink and mixed them in with neutral colors so that everything balances out!  The great thing about this outfit is that it can go just about anywhere; work or play, day or night!  here's how you can put this look together...

First things first, you'll need to start with something pink!  We love the Turbo Tee from Le Magnifique in Powder Pink.  It's a soft subtle shade of pink that will help you get your feet wet without jumping in the deep end.  For the edge factor we paired this shirt with the James 213 Knot Mini Skirt.  A fitted mini is a must have this summer and we especially love this one because of the unique twisted knot detail in the front and the shirred sides that help flatter any body type.  To polish the look we like the Rails Crop Blazer in Navy.  Pink and navy are a classic combo.  Plus we love the conservative feeling of the blazer contrasted with the edginess of the mini and laid back vibe of the t-shirt. 

Of course you'll need to put the finishing touches on your outfit with some great accessories!  Take the Lisa K Ombre Necklace and double it up which creates a collar along the neckline of the t-shirt and at the same time it doesn't cover up the graphic on the t-shirt.  We love the way the dark pink contrasts with the light pink t-shirt, it makes both items pop while still complimenting each other.  Then grab the Tucker Paisley Joey Clutch which features embossed leather in an alligator print.  The color of the bag is slightly darker than the shirt but not as dark as the necklace and the texture of the bag ads depth to the outfit. 
See how much fun pink can be?!

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