Friday, June 25, 2010


If you've got it flaunt it!  And if you don't got it?  Fake it!  A pencil skirt that is shirred on the sides is a great way to hide flaws and accentuate the positive.  The shirred sides create a visually slimming effect while at the same time giving you a little bit of extra fabric that you can move around to camouflage the areas you're not crazy about.

Kim Kardashian definitely has a rockin' bod but she also knows how to work it.  Her shirred skirt with a blouse tucked in and belted at the waist flatters her hourglass figure.  You can get a similar look right now at with the James 213 Shirred Pencil Skirt in Black or Grey.  Looks great with a shirt tucked in and belted (like Kim) or with a loose top which will draw attention to your long legs!

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