Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A short sleeve cardigan is a great wardrobe investment!  A short sleeve cardigan is perfect for summer.  It makes an easy layering piece without adding too much warmth.  And when the summer is over a short sleeve cardigan is also easy to transition into fall, all you have to do is add long sleeves underneath.  And even more versatile than your average short sleeve cardigan is a short sleeve cardigan with dolman sleeves! 

A dolman sleeve is very wide at the armhole creating a lot more room.  As you can see Amy Adams took full advantage of her dolman sleeve cardigan during her pregnancy.  Who says you can't look stylish while pregnant?  And the best part is she can keep on wearing her cardigan long after her pregnancy is done!  So no matter what your body type or shape is you can get this look for less right now at with the Beautiful People Short Sleeve Cardigan.  This cardigan is super soft and lightweight and has a slight dolman sleeve.  Plus it is only $44 reduced from $145!  A savings of $101!

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