Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Pink, Fuschia, Red, Coral, Magenta etc... They are all in the same color family and they are all bold, bright, feminine and fun!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Elizabeth Hurley both look fantastic in their respective Pink-ish dresses.  Anything in the pink/red family is always a good choice.  These colors have a reflective rosy glow on the skin and face which is good thing for any woman.  Get your own pink party dress look right now on

For a tube top look like Sarah and Elizabeth try the Tube Dress/Skirt by Lizzie Parker.  This piece is adjustable and can be worn as a short dress (seen here), a knee length dress or a skirt!  Or go for a different shade and shape with the Ruffle Dress by Nu Collective.  This dress is 100% silk so it has a shine which is perfect for a party! 

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