Wednesday, December 2, 2009

holiday gifts: $26 - $30

Now you can shop for gifts by price at! We have tons of great ideas in every price range.

Today we're going over the $26 - $30 range... This is a very affordable range with lots of different ideas:

Majenty perfume oils make an excellent gift!  These oils come in 4 different scents.  These bottles are so convenient, they are 3 inches long which makes them easy to put in a purse or make-up bag. 

There are scarves and cardigans by Purp7e.  The Braided scarf is narrow, thick and long.  It looks great left long or wrapped around the neck.  The Robe Cardigan is a long lightweight cardigan that is a one size fits all item which makes it an easy gift choice.

Samanca Jewelry has some bracelets and necklaces in this price range.  The Sienna Braided Bracelet is made up of a gold chain with different color silk strands braided through.  The Kelly Bracelet is a thin, delicate bracelet made from waxed linen and decorated with gold beads; these look great worn as one or wear several stacked together.  There is also the Ulu Necklace which is actually adjustable; it can be worn long or as a choker.  The chain is a silk cord and there is a gold plated disk with a semi precious stone in the center. 

Last but not least there are silk boxers by Zovo!  We love the idea of giving silk boxers, they are so luxurious and not necessarily something you would buy for yourself which makes them fun to get.

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