Friday, December 11, 2009


Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish Joans out there! 
Tonight at sundown marks the first night of Hanukkah and whether you are Jewish or not you are invited to celebrate at!  For the next 8 nights Joan will be spinning the Bad Joan Dreidel.  You may be asking yourself, what makes the Bad Joan Dreidel different from all other dreidels?  The difference is that our dreidel offers special discounts!  Here's how it works:

-Each night of Hanukkah at 5:00pm PST the dreidel will stop on one Bad Joan product.
-A special code will be announced for an additional 10% off that product. 
-The code will be valid from 5:00pm PST that night to 5:00pm PST the next night when another product will be announced.

So check back here tonight and every night of Hanukkah at 5:00pm PST to see where the dreidel will land!

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