Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holiday gifts: $21 - $25

Now you can shop for gifts by price at Badjoan.com! We have tons of great ideas in every price range.

Today we're going over the $21 - $25 range... A very reasonable price range that has some great stocking stuffer and fun gift ideas:

Everyone needs a good key chain.  So it's a good thing that Samanca is making a line of unique key chains that are perfect gifts!  These key chains come in several styles and colors and use interesting materials like leather strips formed into tassels as well as precious stones and antique coins.

We have a ton of bright, colorful ribbed tanks by KJ Clothing that are one size fits all!  Each tank is silk screened on the front and back.  They are great for working out or going out!

Finally we have the Ali Bracelet also by Samanca.  These bracelets consist of a wood bead chain and at the center of each is a different precious stone.  They make perfect everyday bracelets!

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