Tuesday, October 20, 2009

trend watch: HUES OF BLUE

Don't sing the blues, wear the blues!  This "it" color came in for Spring and is sticking around for the fall and winter seasons.  This beautiful color comes in so many hues and there is a shade of blue that is right for every skin tone.  If you are a more fair skinned or a red head stick to blues that have a lot of green in them.  If you have a darker complexion or are more olive toned stick to blues that lean more toward the purple side. 

Eva Longoria, Lea Michele and Emmy Rossum are all sporting full blue frocks to their latest red carpet events.  Even though these blues range from light to dark from shades of green to purple they are all rich in their color and make a bold and beautiful statement!

The holidays are just around the corner and these blue toned dresses are perfect for your holiday parties!  For a true royal blue shade try the Criss-Cross Dress by Jenny Han.  For a more aquamarine shade try the Yucca Dress by ecoSkin, or for a more muted blue try the Spruce Dress also by ecoSkin.  And last but certainly not least if you want something with a little more length try the China Doll dress by Farron Elizabeth.

Do you like blue but not enough to go all the way?  Try a blue top!  For a casual look try the Super Chic Tee by Le Magnifique.  Stay warm with the Mock Turtleneck by Lizzie Parker.  Or try the Mallord Blouse by Mike & Chris which is great for work or play!

Or just try a touch of blue!  Beyonce adds a hint of color to her black cocktail dress with a pair of blue suede shoes.  Get this look with the Princessa by Marcello Toshi, a pair of blue suede shoes that would even make Elvis turn his head!

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