Friday, October 23, 2009

get that look: MOTORCYCLE JACKET

Nicky Hilton has taken a basic t-shirt and jeans and turned it up a notch by finishing it off with a motorcycle jacket.  There is no doubt that Nicky looks fabulous but a motorcycle jacket in black and made of leather is so... expected.  It's a good think you know Joan!  Right now on you can get a similar but much more fabulous look with the Mike & Chris Ali Motorcycle Jacket in Mauve.  This color is so feminine and flattering but the design of the jacket keeps this look edgy!  The material is a super soft cotton fleece that will keep you warm but allow flexibility in your movements unlike bulky leather.  This jacket is anything but expected!

Now that you have your central piece you can build the rest of the outfit around it.  For a similar t-shirt and jeans look try these elements:
Le Magnifique St. Moritz Tee
Karmel & Alden Zelda Jean
Marcello Toshi Hojas Shoe
Samanca Raji Bracelet

Now all you have to worry about is all the other Bad Joans being jealous of you!

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Buladi said...

The motorcycle jacket on T-Shirt is fabulous.The design is very feminine.I like the collar of the jacket it nice for me.
Motorcycle Jackets