Wednesday, October 14, 2009

motivate: WORKOUT GEAR

Don't let the weather get you down, stay motivated!  When it's cold, gray and rainy outside it's easy to make up excuses to skip the gym.  But every Bad Joan knows that there is no better way to motivate for an occassion than to buy a new outfit... even if that occassion is a trip to the gym!

Check out Ellen Pompeo just one month after giving birth!  She's on her way to yoga but still keeping warm in a simple yet adorable zip hoodie.  If she can make it to the gym while balancing a starring role on Grey's Anatomy AND taking care of a newborn than so can you!  All you need is the right outfit and luckily has some great choices at great prices...

Get Ellen's super comfy, cozy zip hoodie look with the Cashmere Hoodie by Zovo available in Charcoal, Navy, Sage and Silver.

Don't want to sweat in your cashmere?  Zovo offers some cotton alternatives like the Hoodie in Charcoal/Lavender or Black/White as well as the Hooded Tunic also in Charcoal/Lavender or Black/White.  We love the Hooded Tunic because it's a fun alternative to the traditional hooded sweatshirt.  Wear it as a dress or over leggings or if you want to work out in shorts and a tank it's easy to throw this piece on over the entire outfit so that you don't freeze on your way to the gym!

KJ Clothing also offers some great workout gear including these matching Hoodie and Pant outfits.  Find your love for the gym with the True Love Hoodie and Pant.  Not ready to start a love affair?  Go for the Victorian Print in the same styles.  You can mix and match the Victorian Hoodie in Dark Grey or Heather Grey with the Victorian Pant also available in Dark Grey or Heather Grey.

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