Thursday, October 22, 2009

this just in: MIKE & CHRIS

Brrrrrr, it's getting cold out there. Good thing we just got a big shipment of Mike & Chris jackets to keep you warm! This line is known for their jackets which reflect edgy street style meets elegance and femininity.  And now you can get these jackets for just a fraction of the price available right now on  Check out just a few of the styles available...

JOAN'S PICK OF THE WEEK:  Leather Bolero Jacket
This jacket is just soooo adorable!  It is a must have.  Throw it on with a tank, jeans and a great pair of pumps and you are all set!  There is a ruffle collar and a neck tie.  It's literally a tie that you can leave hanging loose or you can tie it like a man's neck tie.  We love the cross of masculine and ultra feminine qualities that this jacket has.  Bottom line: this jacket is cute, feminine, sexy and edgy all at the same time!

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