Monday, June 6, 2011

Bad Joan goes to the Farmer's Market

Bad Joan made a trip to the historic Farmer's Market on the corner of 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles.  The Farmer's Market first opened in 1934 and in recent years has expanded to include The Grove which is an outdoor shopping center.  Inside the actual Farmer's Market there are a bunch of places to eat, buy groceries and there are also a few novelty shops.  Check out Bad Joan's favorite stops...

Bad Joan stopped by Pappardelle's for pasta.  This shop sells a wide variety of gourmet pastas; there are different shapes, flavors and colors.  They even have 10 different types of gluten-free pasta!

Then Bad Joan headed over to Little John's Candies where they use natural ingredients and you can watch them make the candy right there!

It was a tough decision but Bad Joan settled on a marshmallow delight which is marshmallow covered with Little John's own caramel made from scratch...  YUM!

And of course no day would be complete without the perfect outfit!  Here are the details on Bad Joan's look:

-Jena Dress by ecoSkin - Retail $176 / Bad Joan $69
-Summer Fedora by Sweet Evie - Retail $110 / Bad Joan $42
-Studded Bag by Carla Mancini - Retail $620 / Bad Joan $248
-Web Earrings by Avery Jasper - Bad Joan Exclusive $32
-Black Swarovski Bracelet by Avery Jasper - Bad Joan Exclusive $32
-Mini Garnet Necklace by Avery Jasper - Bad Joan Exclusive $39
-Vintage Button Ring by Avery Jasper - Bad Joan Exclusive $17

GTBB (Good To Be Bad),
Bad Joan

Photo Credit: Colette Connor


Dale said...

Yum this all looks so delicious and that red dress is so hot. Great post


Claudia said...

so yummy stuff... you look so lovely, like the hat

xx claudia

We Can Pretend said...

this looks SOOOO goood. thanks for the comment!!!

Ilse said...

cute pictures, you look so cheerful :) love your earrings btw

purse 'n boots said...

LOVE littlejohns!!! any and every time i go to the grove i HAVE to get a carmel apple!! and those marshmallows are to die for!!!! and thank you SO much for your awesome comment! much love

ashley <3

the girl never gets older said...

ahh, what a charming smile! :) you're so beautiful and shapely, lucky you! :D
I love the tittle of your blog, haha :D
hugs! ♥