Tuesday, January 5, 2010

trend watch: GREY JEANS

Blue jeans are fantastic but sometimes you need to throw something a little different in the mix!  Our latest obsession is grey jeans, both light grey and dark, charcoal grey.  They are still neutral and go with everything just like blue jeans, but they have a little more flare and excitment and are great for dressing up.  Whether you prefer light or dark, grey is the new blue!

Get this look right now on Badjoan.com with styles from Kasil Jeans!  The Benetar Izabella in Fog is a dark grey skinny jean that is tight, lean and slimming.  Great for day or night.  The Devoted Lola in Fog is a light grey classic boot cut that is great for winter but the light color will also carry you through to summer.

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