Tuesday, January 26, 2010


No matter what age you are or what time of day (or night) a fabulous pair of sunglasses adds a cool factor to any outfit.  But choosing the right pair and color can be tricky, that's why basic black is always a good choice!

From Madonna and Goldie Hawn to Kate Hudson and Beyonce, all of these ladies look fab in there dark shades!  Get your own paparazzi worthy dark glasses from Initium Eyewear available right now on Badjoan.com:

Madonna and Goldie have chosen rounder, larger lenses with a slight wrap around style.  These larger frames are good if you have a rounder face or a more square jaw line.  Get this look with the Sticky Fingers in Black Horn and the Siamese Dream in Black Horn.

Kate and Beyonce both have on slightly smaller frames.  These frames are good if your face is smaller with a narrow chin.  Get this look with the Heathrow in Polished Black or the 1984 in Black Horn.

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