Wednesday, November 11, 2009

trend watch: COMFY SWEATERS

Comfy, cozy oversized sweaters are always a good thing!  As we get closer to the holiday season the image of curling up by the fire with a cup of cocoa and cozy sweater definitely comes to mind.  Right now on we recommend two different types of cozy:


Kate Hudson cheers for her favorite team in a light colored, ribbed, shawl collar sweater.  The advantage of a shawl collar is that you have a lot of material to play with!  You can move the collar up around your neck to help warm you up, you can fold it over for a neater look, or you can pull it around your body and belt it (click here for example).  Purp7e offers two great shawl collar sweaters right now:

-The Shawl Collar Cardigan offered in Mushroom (seen above), Moss, Black and Brown (the collar on this sweater is big enough to pull over your head and wear as a hood!)

-The Oversize Shrug offered in Mauve (seen above), Black, Brown (the sleeves on this sweater are 3/4 and wide so you can layer it over another sweater like Kate did!)


Britney Spears takes a coffee break in a long, simple cardigan.  The long cardigan is very flattering, it covers problem areas like the butt and hips, plus it elongates making you look leaner.  A long cardigan is also jacket-like so when the weather warms up a big you can use it as outerwear!  Purp7e offer two great long cardigans right now:

-The Cherry Blossom Cardigan offered in Blue/Grey (seen above) and Red (this sweater has a gorgeous silk screen print down the back)

-The Robe Cardigan offered in Dark Brown (seen above) Coral, Natural, Eggplant, Peacock, and Brick (this cardigan is lighter weight than the Cherry Blossom and does not have a print on the back)

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