Friday, November 13, 2009

accessorize: BELTS

A great belt can make or break an outfit.   Right now both wide and skinny belts are in style!  Here are a few tips on how to make them work!

Tyra Banks looks flawless as she gets a spritz of perfume from friend Halle Berry.  We love how she has taken a simple grey outfit and given it flare with a yellow skinny belt.  When wearing a bright color it is imporant to let it stand out and not have it compete with other colors in your outfit.  Tyra's grey backdrop is the perfect way to let the yellow belt shine!  Get a similar look with the Tucker Paisley Skinny Patent Belt, seen above.

To create a similar grey backdrop like Tyra did try the Mike & Chirs Pocket Tank paired with the Mike & Chris Paddington Pant.  These pants are high waisted like the skirt that Tyra is wearing; high waisted pants and skirts look great with a skinny belt.

Kim Kardashian is a TKO, Total Knock Out, in her white dress and contrasting black wide tie belt.  A wide belt can be used to make your figure appear more hourglass in shap.  It accentuates the waist and makes it look smaller.  We love the simple color scheme and the classic shapes of Kim's outfit.  Get a similar look with the Tucker Paisley Wide Reversible belt available right now on!

Need a white dress to pair this belt with?  Try the Vanitas Kelly Dress or the TT Sexpot.

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