Monday, August 31, 2009

how to: JUMPSUIT

Jumpsuits have definitely been trending for a while and now they are stronger than ever!  These one piece outfits are so comfortable and flattering, it's no wonder they have stuck around.  Problem is you probably bought a short sleeve, short pant jumpsuit for Spring/Summer.  But don't worry, it's easy to convert this look into a fall outfit.  Just throw the jumpsuit on over a pair of tights, put on some half boots, and a blazer.  To top it all off try a newsboy cap made out of a heavier material like wool.  Get this look with the Farron Elizabeth Short Jumper in Black or Brown, the Rails Newsboy Hat in Black or Mocha and the Marcello Toshi Capucha or Chacha.  Best part?  When spring rolls back around again just take all those layers off and you still have a great jumpsuit to wear!

Not into making all that effort?  Not a problem!  For an easy fall-ready piece, choose a long sleeve, long pant jumpsuit like the ecoSkin Star Stone Jumper in Black, Taupe or Raisin or the Farron Elizabeth Jumper with Belt.  Same great jumpsuit look with minimal effort!

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