Monday, August 24, 2009

trend watch: DANCEWEAR

So You Think You Can Dance?, Dancing With The Stars, Fame, Footloose... It seems like everywhere you look these days people are obsessed with dancing! So it's no wonder there is so much dance inspired clothing out there.

Joan loves the dance look, especially a great pair of leggings! Lizzie Parker has hit the nail on the head, actually hit it twice, with a fresh take on leggings. The first hit is the High Waisted Leggings that have just a hint of tie dye at the ankle; two fun trends for the price of one! Next, are the Ruched Leggings which feature a ruched detail at the side of the calf and have a fold over waistband. So cute, flattering and different.

But dancing is not only about bottoms, you'll need a great wrap to "top" off the outfit. Lizzie Parker does it again with the Short Sleeve Cropped Cardigan. This tie cardigan is a great layering piece and lightweight enough so that you can still get your groove on!

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