Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A simple grey sweater can go a long way.  Both Sienna Miller and Sarah Michelle Gellar were spotted in solid grey sweaters layered over loose t-shirts and jeans.  This is a great basic look that can easily be altered just by changing your shoes and/or accessories.  Sarah kept it casual with tennis shoes while Sienna took it up a notch with a pair of red booties.  Adding a pop of color, like Sienna did, can easily but dramatically transform this simple palate.  Put together your own grey sweater look for less right now on Badjoan.com with the following items:

-Vixen Black Jean by Kasil - Retail $176 / Bad Joan $65
-Devoted Blue Jean by Kasil - Retail $154 / Bad Joan $60
-Crew Neck Cashmere Sweater by Hodges Collection - Retail $170 / Bad Joan $49
-Boy Tee by Otis and Maclain - Retail $105 / Bad Joan $30
-Double Pocket Shoulder Bag by Carla Mancini - Retail $500 / Bad Joan $105
-Confetti Earrings by Josefina de Alba - Retail $58 / Bad Joan $25

Looking good and feeling good about it go hand in hand at Bad Joan.  All of these are based locally in Southern California and manufacture mainly in Los Angeles.  Support your local economy and feel good about the purchases you make!

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