Thursday, March 3, 2011

this just in: JOSEFINA DE ALBA

Josefina de Alba is our latest addition to the designer roster!  This collection began in 2006 as the creative collaboration between two sisters, Karina and Marcela Padilla. Josefina de Alba is filled with simple yet bold pieces that work with both evening and casual attire. The pieces cater to everything from the bohemian girl in California to the hustle and bustle on the upper east side of Manhattan. Josefina de Alba pieces are unique, luxurious, iconic and timeless!

Starting today on we're offering these stunning and unique pieces at 60% to 70% off of retail!  We've got a huge variety, everything from NECKLACES ...

... to EARRINGS ...

... to BRACELETS ...

... so many gorgeous pieces that you won't know which one to choose!  Click HERE to view the entire collection!

BAD JOAN'S PICK: Grand Opening and Paradise
There were soooo many amazing styles that we couldn't pick just one!  But the two that we did pick have a very similar style.  The Grand Opening Necklace and the Paradise Necklace both sit high on the neck and have a collar like appearance.  Not only are they incredible statement pieces but when you wear them with a crew neck shirt or dress they actually look like they are part of the garment.  With these necklaces you can turn a basic t-shirt into a fabulous embellished piece! 

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