Thursday, December 2, 2010

inspiration: NEGATIVE SPACE

by Gina Holz

I recently had the privilege to attend the Roger Waters concert here in Los Angeles. Waters brought a 12 piece band with him to replicate the Pink Floyd classic album “The Wall”. During the first act, the audience watched as the wall was constructed in front of us brick by brick, song by song. The wall became a backdrop for some profound visuals to emphasize current as well as past events. One of the most powerful visual tools that were used throughout the show was the use of negative space. The wall itself became a massive billboard like structure that was often missing bricks. With the use of lighting and thoughtful design, the absence of each brick created a powerful space in between the images. This visual trick reminds us to take a step back and notice what is in front of us. Seeing what is there is just as important as seeing what is not there.

This visual trick also works well with prints.  The line Postella is known for their unique and exclusive prints.  I particularly love the Karpasia Dress print because of the use of negative space which allows the colors to really pop!

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