Monday, August 16, 2010


No matter how tall or short you are you CAN wear a full length dress or skirt.  In fact, if you are on the short side, and want to look taller, a full length dress or skirt can create an optical illusion making you look taller (and leaner)!  There are two very important factors here: shoes and dress length.  You need a really high pair of heels or platforms and then you need to make sure that dress is the right length.  The dress should fall over the shoes and almost skim the ground.  Hems that stop at the ankle or even the top of the foot will not do the trick!

You can create this look with several maxi dress choices from Jenny Han available right now on!  For a halter neckline try the Halter Top Maxi Dress.  Or if you prefer a tube dress try the Strapless Maxi in Yellow or Print!

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