Wednesday, August 25, 2010

get that look: LAYERED NECKLACES

Layering necklaces is a fun and playful look!  But it is important to layer pieces that are different lengths so that each necklace can stand out and be seen.  Vanessa Hudgens looks adorable with her many layers of unique necklaces.  You can get this look right now on with several complimentary necklaces from Avery Jasper...

For the best layering results we suggest going with a short, medium, long grouping.  Start with the Bow Not Arrow Necklace which features a bow like front piece with a smokey quartz pendant.  Then layer in the Frog Necklace which has an adorable frog charm on a 14k gold fill chain.  Finally go long with the Vintage Cameo Necklace featuring a yellow bird and single jade stone.

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Angela Alvin said...

Necklaces that are ideal for layering consist of a light & fine chain, with or without a single pendant, charms or beads. Avoid large, chunky beads if there are several of them on the strand, also avoid thick, heavy chains when Layered Necklaces. Generally don't mix gold and silver tones as they usually clash, layered necklaces should harmonize and blend with one another.