Wednesday, February 3, 2010

get that look: WALLET/CLUTCH

A cute and roomy wallet can definitely double as a clutch!  Especially when you are just running out for a bit and don't want to carry your whole purse.

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted pulling off the wallet/clutch look while running a quick errand.  You can get a similar look right now on with the Ryan Wallet by Lesa Wallace!

This wallet is small enough to fit your bag but big enough to hold everything you need for a night out.  Inside there are two large compartments with plenty of room for cash, credit cards and even a lipstick or two!  Pluse there are two small zip pockets, one inside and one outside.  Not to mention there is an adorable leather flower on the outside which makes this wallet too cute to leave just hiding inside your purse!

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