Wednesday, February 17, 2010

double take: CARAMEL BAG

We don't usually like to repeat ourselves but this one deserves a second look!  Last week we did a post about the caramel bag trend and featured a picture of Taylor Swift with a great caramel colored shoulder bag (click here to see the post).  Since that post Taylor has been spotted all over with this same bag...

We did the trend watch in the first place because we think a caramel/honey colored bag goes with everything, just like black does, BUT it ads color to an outfit.  Now Taylor has proved our point!  She looks adorable pairing this bag with everything from a plain sweatshirt to a colorful strapless dress. 

You can get a similar fantastic caramel/honey colored everyday bag like Taylors right now on Badjoan.comLesa Wallace offers two styles in this color, the Ricky Bag and the Franco Bag.  Both are made from the finest quality Italian leather and premium hardware and both are big enough for everything you need to carry with you on a daily basis!

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