Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Home Sweet Home: Casa Laguna

I just moved into the most amazing building!  It's called Casa Laguna and it was built in 1928 by Arthur and Nina Zwebell; a husband and wife architectural team known for their innovation in the design of courtyard apartments in Southern California.  Casa Laguna, along with several other of their remaining buildings, is part of the National Register of Historic Places.

Here's a look at the exterior...

I am still in the process of decorating my unit but once I've gotten my stuff together and looking lovely I will post some pictures of my apartment!

Bad Joan


Shannon Boyce said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous place! :)

Berty Morales said...

Beautiful place, it looks like just came out from a Movie set. Thank you so much for sharing and enjoy your new place. God bless!

Spence Howard said...

Just beautiful !!!

Johanna V said...

Wow, what an amazing building! Can't wait to see the indoors! :) xo

Brenda's Skinny Bish said...

Your place looks like one of those places you see in the movies or on post cards! I would love to be photographed in your front yard!lol