Thursday, April 28, 2011

maxi dress: 1 DRESS 2 LOOKS

Maxi dresses are all the rage right now.  There are all different maxi silhouettes out there that are adorable however a loose shape is a great investment because you can turn one dress into several different looks and stretch your dollar a little further.  Right now on you can get the Extra Long Boy Tank Dress by Otis and Maclain for $46 reduced from $160.  This piece is a great find because it is so versatile; it has a simple black and white stripe pattern and a loose, straight silhouette.  Check out a couple different looks that we put together with this piece:

Modal Fringe Vest by Jenny Han - Retail $105 / Bad Joan $46

Wide Studded Belt by Jenny Han - Retail $50 / Bad Joan $25
Studded Bag by Carla Mancini - Retail $620 / Bad Joan $248
Madonna Bracelets by Josefina de Alba - Retail $50 / Bad Joan $22
Torie Wrap Bracelet by Samanca -Bad Joan Exclusive $36


Savannah said...

Maxi's are perfect! I wore one today :)

Manon Margaretha said...

Thank you !
I really like maxi's, it's just they don't fit me, that's to bad ):
But, great post !

Belle de Couture said...

Oh I love it! Def been on the hunt for a striped maxi dress that's comfy and super versatile.. thanks for the post! :)