Thursday, February 17, 2011

special event: KASIL DENIM SALE

We've got new denim arrivals from Kasil today on

Tons of styles and washes to choose from...

As always Kasil delivers premium denim and fantastic fits that are made in Los Angeles. And, as always, Bad Joan delivers them at low low prices!

There is one catch... We've only got this incredible selection at these prices until Sunday!

BAD JOAN'S PICK:  Devoted Boot Cut in ArcherDecisions decisions... a great pair of jeans goes a looooong way and there are so many great pairs to choose from today.  But if we had to choose just one it would be the Devoted Boot Cut Jean in the Archer Wash.  The Devoted style is a classic boot cut fit and the Archer wash is a strong blue that feels seasonless.  These jeans can go from day to night, dressed up to casual and spring to fall.  In other words, they are a must have!

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