Tuesday, September 28, 2010

trend watch: DRAPE NECK

You can add a ton of style to your look without the extra effort with a simple drape neck.  A drape neck is sexy and still elegant at the same time.  Lucky for you we've got some great drape neck styles to choose from right now on Badjoan.com... 

The Beautiful People Drape Tunic is a gorgeous and versatile piece!  Try it alone and simple with a pair of jeans, or belted at the waist and bloused out, or layered over a tank (for a more modest occasion), or even tucked into a pair of high waisted pants and bloused.  Bottom line, this is a fantastic top that you can wear so many ways!

Also from Beautiful People is the Tank Tunic.  This piece features an asymmetrical neckline and a slight drape at the front.  It is a basic tank with a twist and it is so luxuriously soft you have to touch it to believe it!

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